Medical Malpractice: Defective Medical Devices - Defibrillator Leads
Defective Medical Devices - Defibrillator Leads

Medtronic, Inc., a manufacturer of electronic leads used in implanted internal defibrillators, has recalled many of these leads as defective. An implanted defibrillator is a type of pacemaker that, when it detects an irregular heartbeat, is designed to deliver a specific electric current to shock the heart back into a regular rhythm. When the leads are defective, they can cause unnecessary shocks to the patient. It is believed that these defective Medtronic leads are responsible for patient deaths.

At this time the following Medtronic Sprint Fidelis Leads have been recalled:

  • Sprint Fidelis 6930
  • Sprint Fidelis 6931
  • Sprint Fidelis 6948
  • Sprint Fidelis 6949
If you or a loved one has an implanted defibrillator, you may have legal rights which need to be protected. Contact medical malpractice and products liability attorney Todd N. Hendrickson to discuss this important matter.